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So if I work 75 hours I am only getting paid for 69 because she is going into the system and taking my hours, isn’t that illegal?I have taken pictures of the condition of the store, the SM has been reprimanded several times for these things not being done, and still nothing is getting done.I am a single lady, never been married, no kids, I dont work for now cos i just finished my schooling being a An Accountant, I am very outgoing, communicative, easy going, outspoken, I am also a very Romantic type, love I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest, and looking to meet a man that i can spend the rest of my lifei am Perceptive, Knowledgeable, Genuine Warm, loving and caring Sincere, Communicative Skilled Solid, Helpful Fast Responsible i am pretty, lovely, gorgeous, and stunning i also turns heads attractive, good I am the type of person that finds the joy and happiness in everything I do. I am extremely funny and I love to make people laugh including myself.I am extremely funny and I love to make people laugh including myself. I can sometimes be the life of the party and other times sit back and I am a loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, sexual, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with.

Then once they had an incredible hit with Batman and Burton made Edward Scissorhands , which was a totally personal film and still a huge hit, I think the execs at Warners realized that you just let Tim Burton alone and let him make a Tim Burton movie and people will see it in droves.The manager of the store 99% of the time don’t even do her job, the store is a mess, shelves are empty almost always, almost every employee is lazy, employees trash talk other employees to the customers (at times in front of the SM and she says and does nothing about it), most of the cashiers are rude to the customers.It has also been brought to my attention that the SM will go into the computer and change how many hours you work for the week so she is under budget hours.I asked another girl that worked there what she was like, she looked annoyed but refused to give a comment. The woman’s name is Mindy, and I always avoid going in when she is working, she has often angered me so much I almost said I’d just drive the hour to another store, but everyone else there is really nice and helpful. The idea that a computer would do “almost all of the work” in visual effects was scary, though we now know that computers need people.Mindy will act helpful if she likes you, but if you say something wrong, she will put you on her list of people to make miserable. It took several years, but computer animation and visual effects are used by hundreds of artists on one film today.

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Now she is being forced to step down or lose her job.

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